Elijah Recordings and Midi Files for practice

Elijah name and fire image

RECORDINGS: Here’s a podcast of a review of different recordings of Elijah:


Choose the one you like best, or just search for “Mendelssohn Elijah” on YouTube (remember to choose one sung in English as we are doing – like the first performance in Birmingham in 1846).

MIDI FILES – free to use – are here:


and here:


I like this one – lets you speed it up or slow it down as well as having your part emphasised. It does repeat each movement for ever unless you tell it not to or move onto the next one!

There are probably loads more out there – take your pick, but learn the notes for your part as soon as possible please 😲
If you use an Apple device (Mac, iphone and so on) you may need to download an App. to let you listen to Midi files, if you haven’t already.