Learning Resources

Sheet music

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Note that it is now password-protected in line with the conditions of our Amateur Choir Licence
The password is in the emails Ben has sent out

Audio: Spring 2022

+ JS Bach
St John Passion

You can find MIDI files for your voice part on a number of websites, including the three below.
MIDI files do not include words but simply are a recording of the notes in rhythm.

Cyberbass control panel
  • Cyberbass
    The control panel for listening to the recordings is halfway down the page
    You may want to set the speed to about 80% while you’re learning the notes, then gradually speed up to 100%
  • Learn Choral Music
    You may have to download files separately to listen to them
  • Choralia – J.S. BACH – ST. JOHN PASSION BWV245 (choralia.net)
    Options for your voice part emphasised or with metronome and accompaniment
    (all the choruses in voice order: Soprano first; scroll down for Alto, Tenor, Bass)

Previous semesters

+ JS Bach
Cantata no. 147 ‘Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben’

German pronunciation (by Clemens)

pages 28-34
pages 48-end

You can find a Pronunciation Guide here (PDF)

  • p.28 Wohl mir, dass ich Jesum habe
    & p.48 Jesus bleibet meine Freude
    piano and guide choir lines

Soprano (currently has lots of silence!)

Alto (currently has lots of silence!)

Tenor (currently has lots of silence!)

Bass (currently has lots of silence!)

+ Chilcott: Songs my heart has taught me

Video of Bob Chilcott conducting the whole piece: 
Individual parts for the following two movements:

+ Erod
Viva la musica

  • SATB parts on keyboard

+ Fauré

  • Pie Jesu
  • In paradisum

+ Goodall

  • Theme Academy
  • The Lord is my shepherd

+ Mendelssohn

  • Lord, bow thine ear to our prayer
    piano and guide choir lines

+ Vivaldi

  • i Gloria in excelsis Deo
  • xi Quoniam tu solus Sanctus
  • xii Cum Sancto Spiritu


  • Follow the heron (piano and guide vocals)
    harmony parts coming

Howard Goodall: Eternal Light
  • 03 Litany – Belief (to come)
  • 04 Lead, kindly light (piano and SAB guide vocals)
  • 09 Agnus Dei (piano and guide vocals)